The Cancer-Healing Power


Fucoidan - The Secret Behind the Miraculous Recoveries of Cancer Patients!

Fucoidan has been lauded by the mass media and medical community around the world. A slimy substance found in Okinawa mozuku (nemacystus decipiens) and mekabu (undaria pinnatifida), fucoidan destroys cancer cells by inducing apoptosis.

Who would have thought a powerful "anticancer agent" would be found in the sea? A highly viscous material, fucoidan awakens the body's natural healing power-or in other words, the immunity - in ways not heretofore possible.

Let's find out more about the amazing cancer-healing power of fucoidan, which even oncologists are acknowledging.

To put it simply, fucoidan not only enhances the patient's natural healing power but also "promotes apoptosis of cancer cells. This is indeed its most remarkable function.

This remarkable nutrient comes to us from brown seaweed deep on the ocean floor.

Science has long been aware of the tropical rainforests as a source of abundant and diverse life and unique compounds for scientific study and research. But, it seems, we have only scratched the surface of the treasures we can derive from the ocean floor plant life. Most people, for instance, have never heard of fucoidan.

To be specific, fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide that contains a highly beneficial sugar called fucose. Fucoidan has been shown to stimulate white blood cell growth as well as maintain the health of current white blood cells in the body. Our white blood cells are, of course, a central part of our body’s immune defense against foreign invaders and illness.

In addition to boosting the immune system, all nutrition begins in the stomach and intestinal tract. If your body isn’t healthy there, then all the good you attempt to do by eating well and taking supplements is not maximized. Having a healthy upper intestine means that nutrients are absorbed and don’t simply flow through your body unnoticed. Fucoidan promotes the health of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, so that within two to three weeks of taking a daily dose of fucoidan, your body will be functioning and absorbing the maximum of nutrients you give it.




Fucoidan is most effective if ingested in its natural state which is gel form.

Agel UMI (contains 210mg Fucoidan) comes in soft gel packs that are easy to grab and carry in pockets, purses, lunch bags, whatever. No water is needed when taking Agel – just open, sip and you’re done! The body will absorb the nutrients immediately.

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